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Food Establishment Consultation or Inspection Request

A consultation gives you an opportunity to meet with an NYC Business Acceleration member representing the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. Ideally, a consultation is scheduled during the construction phase, prior to applying for the Food Service Establishment permit. The team member will evaluate your establishment's facilities for compliance with applicable laws and regulations and you will have the opportunity to ask questions. The inspector will help you identify ways to correct any problems discovered. Violations typically are not issued at a consultation.

A pre-operational inspection will formally confirm that your establishment complies with health laws and will allow you to legally open faster. Fines will not be issued for violations but you will be required to fix the issue that caused the violation.

If you do not pass your first pre-operational inspection, you can have a second pre-operational inspection or can open 22 days after you submitted your Food Service Establishment Permit application. In either case, the pre-operational inspection will help prepare you for the unannounced letter-grading inspection by the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

Please consider the requirements listed below before making a scheduling request.


This request form is only for new, pre-operational food establishments. It is not for mobile food vendors or food establishments already in operation. For mobile food vendor inspections, please call (212) 676-1650 or (212) 442-8284 to schedule an appointment. For operating food establishments, call (212) 676-1600.

Please Note: The establishment cannot have any food or drinks on site at the time of inspection.


Mandatory Documents

  • Payment receipt for Food Service Establishment Permit which includes CAMIS/ACCELA number location as indicated below: 
  • Federal document with EIN Number OR a New York State Certificate of Authority to Collect Sales Tax with the current name of the business owner or corporation and the current address of the establishment. Please Note: Documents must be updated by the IRS prior to the inspection.

Mandatory Conditions

  • No food or food storage, food preparation, or food service on premise.
  • All kitchen equipment must be fully operational, including rangehood.
  • All sinks must have fully functioning and running hot and cold water.
  • Metal stem thermometer or thermocouple available (range 0-220 Fahrenheit).
  • Accurate thermometers placed inside refrigerators and hot holding units.
  • Required signs on display (e.g. smoking prohibited, choking posters, food allergy posters and, if alcohol is served, then signs warning about the dangers of alcoholic beverages consumed during pregnancy).
  • Construction must be complete.

If Applicable

  • If there is seating, then a CPR kit must be available.
  • If using gas equipment, then gas must be connected to cooking appliances and working.
  • Low temperature dishwashers must have suitable test kit (including pH strips) available for manual sanitization standards.
  • Grease interceptors must be open. A grease interceptor, also known as a grease trap, is the metal box into where the sink drains.

For more information about requirements needed for pre-operational and other health inspections, please visit the NYC Department of Small Business Services website.

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